Exceptional care

With thirteen inpatient suites, a gym, a courtyard and a community room, the Rubio Cancer Center was designed as a place for cancer patients to receive treatment in a warm, welcoming and compassionate environment, it is a unique hospital that prides itself to put His patient care above all else.


Warm environment


Great attention


Private pool


Own laboratory


Wide experience


Innovative treatments


A comprehensive approach to cancer treatment

Rubio Cancer Center is a full-service regenerative medicine and integrative medicine hospital in Southern California. For more than thirty years, we have treated patients with a wide variety of cancers, including leukemia, breast, prostate, throat, brain, and lung cancer.

Reverse cancer through integrative therapies

Founded by Dr. Gerónimo Rubio. At RCC we believe in connecting patients to the newest treatments that increase the chances of remission and minimize adverse effects.

Dr. Geronimo Rubio
Dr. Geronimo RubioFounder and Director

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