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Meet Dr. Geronimo Rubio

Part of this research resulted in his discovery that flowers brought into hospital rooms were infecting patients with bacteria. In 1987, Dr. Rubio began investigating RNA transfer into cells of the immune system, which led to the development of a process to prepare immunostimulating vaccines from an individual's own blood and cancer cells.

Dr. Rubio is currently the president of the Rubio Cancer Center in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, where his vaccines are combined with Rife technology, dendritic cells, nanoparticles, gene editing, herbal medications and other therapies to reverse cancer. .

His vision is to grant patients the best treatment inside and outside the facilities with procedures that help in a non-invasive way to overcome this difficult stage to achieve a speedy recovery without major consequences.

Meet the team

A team made up of trained doctors with great passion in their area who will make your stay comforting and will eliminate any fear you may present with warm attention.

Dr. Geronimo Rubio Jr
Dr. Geronimo Rubio JrM. D.
Dr. Geronimo Rubio
Dr. Geronimo RubioM. D.
Dra. Patricia Smith
Dra. Patricia SmithM. D.
Dr. Horacio Godinez
Dr. Horacio GodinezM. D.

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